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Now you can enjoy high-speed internet anywhere, even in rural areas. ViaSatellite offers a reliable internet connection with unlimited data and speeds up to 20x faster than DSL. Call Now For Plans & Pricing!

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Reliable Satellite Internet In Your Area!

ViaSatellite has been built from the ground up to provide customers with a better class of internet, wherever they are. Bringing together some of the best and brightest professionals in the industry under one roof, and backed by decades of experience in satellite communications and consumer internet technology. ViaSatellite delivers lightning-fast speeds to customers in cities, suburbs, rural towns, and more, and does it at an affordable price the competition cannot match.

No matter where you are in the United States you can enjoy Netflix, Youtube, Online Banking, Social Media, and more!

How ViaSatellite Works

First, a dish is installed at your home. It is placed outside in an area that receives a view of the sky. This smaller dish sends a signal to a satellite that is orbiting Earth, which provides two-way communication between your dish and the internet service data centers. When you request a webpage, your dish sends the request to the orbiting satellite. The orbiting satellite transmits the signal to the Internet service data center, where the webpage is connected. The signal is then transmitted back to the orbiting satellite and then sent to your dish. You are now able to view the webpage. This all happens in a matter of milliseconds.

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Plans and pricing depend on coverage availability based on your address. Calling one of our internet specialists at 877-208-4057 will provide the most accurate quote. Of course, the call and quote are free.

Plans start at $50/mo and speeds up to 20x faster than DSL.

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